What do we expect of you?
1- Sharp photos taken in day light With no filters.
2- Deliver photos within 2 weeks (After delivery of the items)
3- Deliver photos via email, drop box or we transfer to the following email : brandreps@hot-pink.nl
4- Write an honest review on the bought products ( doesn’t have to be 5 stars)
5- min 3 good pics per set
6- A public instagram account
7- Photo’s that shows the child’s face (not only body parts)
8- Use only items out hot-pinl.nl in your photo’s Other items are also possible if they are neutral For exampel jeans, or a black leggings

Which photos are NOT accepted
1- Pics with underwear, unclean clothing, or if the child is not styled properly
2- Dark photos
3- Photos in the harsh sun with a lot of hard shawdows
3- Pictures with a busy back ground or with a lot of un tidness
4- Photos made with items that looks very similar to items sold on hot-pink.nl but not actually from hot-pink.nl

What can you expect from us?
1- 50% discount on all the clothing assortiment (not applicable on sale items)
2- Sneek peeks from the new collection I share that via instagram stories
3- It is possible to order the new collection before it’s available on the website
4- The discount code can only be used once and will be renewed after the photos has been received
5- A discount code/ deals for your friends and family

important : Only order 1-2 sets per child Too big orders might be refused

Rights on the photos :
1- Hot-pink.nl has complete right on the sent photos
2- Photos will be edited without need of permission
3- Photos can be used in flyers, advertisments, news letters, … with no permission
4- Photos can be shared on social media, pages, groups, other websites, or by other retails without permission

How can I join?
1- send email to brandreps@hot-pink.nl with photos
2- Let us know in the email which size is your child and link your instagram account